Your Cure for Shin Splints

Whether you are an avid runner, or one just beginning, you likely know what shin splints are. That nagging ache that runs it’s tentacles up your shin with every step you take. If there was one cure I could give you for shin splints it would be the ice cup.
Every NCAA collegiate training room has 10-20 of these stacked in their freezers everyday. The reason being that they are cheap and they work! Simply get a paper cup, fill it up with water, then put it in the freezer. When you return from a run use the frozen cup to ice your shin.
First, tear the cup so that there is about an inch of ice showing. Then slide the ice up and down your shins with an emphasis on the painful area. As the ice melts, tear more or the cup away.  Do this for 12-15 minutes everyday after you run.

This person is actually using an ice cup for an IT band injury (also a good use). This is essentially what it looks like as you rub up and down the length of the leg. Notice the towel underneath. Obviously the ice melts so a towel is handy. Apply pressure to the cup as you rub. Therapists call this an ice massage. Not all massages  feel good, right? :)

Additional Tips:
Rest: (Don’t you hate that answer?)
Stretching: Stretch your calves and shins after every run. Stretch your calves by standing on the edge of a stair. Stretch your shins by sitting with your legs straight then have someone push down on your toes.
Anti-infammatories: Ibuprofen helps decrease inflammation. I often pop one of these before or after my runs


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