Typical Tuesday

3 Kids, I’ve Got This!

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I’ve decided to make Tuesday’s my real life moment day. Meaning, instead of this website only having racing tips etc. it’s also going to have personal real life experiences. Perhaps that is not what you expected, but I assure you the stories to come will not disappoint.

The ‘pace’ of my life has been significantly more intense yet we are moving at an incredibly SLOW rate. Yes, it’s possible. I suppose that is simply the story of a new baby in the house. It’s taking me til 11:00 A.M. to  get everyone out of their pajamas and syrup wiped off of their face. So if you knock on my door before that you can expect a braless woman with mascara blackened eyes and a dirty diapered kid holding onto her leg. I’m telling you, don’t bother me til after 11, It’s not a pretty sight. 

Prior to having baby #3 everyone was so kind to give me the most encouraging advice. It included,  “oh #3 broke me” and “baby #3 is when I completely lost control”. They must have known me well enough to know that encouragement like that only makes me want to do the opposite.  Yep, I’ve been trying to be awesome. I’ve tried to act like having 3 kids under 4 is not kicking my butt. I think I need one of these Child Locators so I don’t lose one. But honestly i’m tired. Real tired.  3 am feedings, dirty diapers, loads of laundry, and new negative behaviors that came from WHO KNOWS WHERE have been doing me in.

 Sigh. Motherhood. Sigh again. I have 2 arms and 3 kids. I feel like the only way the older 2 listen is by increasing my decibel level a few notches and even then I wonder if their ears are painted on! Thus, a new rewards chart for the both of them specifically for listening. Wish me luck! Oh and let me know if you have a better idea, at this point i’m totally open to it.

So what’s with this rant? I’m trying to decide it’s purpose too. I suppose it’s to say that i’m human and so are you.  At some point in your life you can devote your time to exercise, cleaning, sewing, or whatever strikes your fancy. But sometimes the stage that you’re in slows down your pace and that’s okay! (I’m still telling myself that). So no matter if it takes us til noon to look appropriate, we are still moving forward! We simply put one foot in front of the other in hopes that we will eventually make it. And make it we will!!

Do you have any parenting advice or rewards ideas that work for you? Leave a comment and let us know! We could all be a little better!

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  1. Ashlee April 29, 2014 at 9:54 am #

    My 2nd and 3rd were about 18 months apart and it drove me nuts all the people that never had anything positive to say about it. When expecting the 3rd I got way too many comments like the ones you mentioned as if I wasn’t already freaking out enough on my own. Drives me crazy. Love this post and I just want to say it gets better. New babies are so great but hard too and I think it’s okay for us to admit it’s hard. Also be prepared for all the “wow you sure have your hands full” comments wherever you go. I just wanted to roll my eyes and say “really? I didn’t notice that I have a kid hanging from every limb, thank you for letting me know.”

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