Typical Tuesday-Trust in Your Abilities

When I woke up the other day I rubbed my eyes twice to make sure I was not dreaming. My husband who never wakes up before 8 was dressed in his biking kit and heading out the door! It was amazing! I’m always trying to get him to go exercise but like a 14 year old school boy he has a tendency to go the other way when his wife pushes him too hard. It’s so awesome to have him taking his health in his own hands and go waltzing out the door in padded spandex! Go Mitch!

Training this week has been tough for me. I got sick last week and doctor orders condemned me to not getting out and enjoying the incredible weather. Thus no workouts for me from Thursday to Saturday.  So when Monday’s workout rolled around it seriously ran me into the ground. Agh, in a word, it HURT.   Sometimes workouts are like that. Some day’s you feel it and some days you don’t.  Just like being a mom, Some day’s you are the worlds best and the next you’re ready to scream profanities. But still you wipe their bums, feed their faces, and tuck them in with a kiss. Apply that to your training schedule through this program. (Illness aside) No matter if you are tired or not, get out and go. You always feel better when you do. No matter how fast, no matter how slow just get out and go!

Just ask my little girl. She never lets anything get her down and she knows she is awesome. Be Confident, Be Strong, and Trust in Your Abilities. You Got This.
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