Top 10 Olympic Athletes to Keep Your Eye On

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In honor of our Olympic Week, today’s post highlights 10 athletes to keep your eye on during the Olympics. These athletes are competing under extreme pressure that most people have never felt.  My prayers go to them as they try to reach their Olympic goals in the next few weeks!

shaun white

Who else but Shaun White. His red hair will continue to grace the Olympic stage as he competes in not one but two events this year. White is hoping to bring home double golds in the half-pipe as well as the new slopestyle event.  This year he remains slightly vulnerable as he is recovering from a recent cracked rib. His greatest competition will be Canada’s Mark McMorris.


Hoping to win the award as the youngest medalist in alpine skiing, Mikaela Shiffron  (18) is listed to be a top competitor. She is the reigning world champion in the event and is not likely to let anyone take that away.

shani davisShani Davis hopes to become the first and only man to consecutively win 3 gold medals in the same event in the winter Olympics.  (Note: Shaun White also has an opportunity to make Olympic history by winning gold for his 3rd Olympic games)

kikkanThe United States usually stays far away from the podium when it comes to cross-country events. However, Kikkan Randal from Alaska is hoping to change that. Kikkan is entering Sochii as the two-time reigning world champion. Her famous pink hair will hopefully live up to its look as she competes for a top spot on the podium.

pikus paceNoelle Pikus-Pace is a mother of two who hopes to shine in the skeleton. She continues to be one of the world’s top skeleton athletes and always brings her kids along for a little extra motivation.

lolo jonesLolo Jones joins a small group of 10 athletes who has competed in both the summer and winter Olympics. Coming from the hurdles, Lolo will now be competing in the 4 man bobsled.  A little juicy side note is that Lolo is also a virgin whom in a public interview explained that she is saving herself for marriage. A concept that makes me respect her even more! Go Lolo!

kelly clarkKelly Clark is making her way back to the Olympic stage at the age of 30. She competed and won gold in the Snowboard event 12 years ago in Salt Lake City. She’s an oldie but expected to be a goodie!

holcombSteven Holcomb looks to better his podium finish with a gold this year by winning gold in both the 2 man and the 4 man bobsled.  He has the look of a linebacker however, his speed and focus leaves him as a top contender!

bode millerBode Miller is like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going. Sochii is likely to be his last olympic debut at the age of 36. However, his  experience will speak for itself as he gives one last go in Alpine Skiing.

guntherKelly Gunthar is one of those feel good stories that everyone should root for. In 2010 she barely missed the Olympic games by a speed skating crash that left her with a double compound ankle fracture. Like most Olympians, she has been fighting her way back and is ready to compete on the Olympic stage in speed skating. Who doesn’t love inspirational stories like that!

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