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Mommy Marathon-Week 16

Mommy Marathon Week 16 WHY DOES THE MOMMY MARATHON PROGRAM INCLUDE A DANCE PARTY? Dancing around with kids is FUN! But the mommy marathon dance party has a bigger reason than creating a fun memory with the kids. It’s to help you visualize yourself running the marathon by dedicating a few songs that represent the […]

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Mommy Marathon Week 7

WHY AND HOW DOES THE MOMMY MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAM IMPROVE MUSCULAR FITNESS FOR DISTANCE RUNNERS? As your remember for last week’s post, Jack Daniels (PHD and running coach) teaches that there are 6 primary components necessary for becoming a great distance runner; namely: Cardiovascular System Muscular System Lactate threshold Aerobic capacity (VO2 max) Speed Economy […]

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Mommy Marathon Week 2

Mommy Marathon Week 2 It felt so good to run with a purpose and to train with a plan last week.  I felt as though I was shaking out the cobwebs, and now I am itching for more!  That’s one benefit of easing into training is that you begin the next week feeling refreshed and […]

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