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As race day is upon us I’ve had several thoughts come into my mind. The one that seems to be reoccurring is that of ‘why do I run?’.  Not only is it the thought that often crosses my mind, but it’s also the question that I am asked the most. I usually answer it as, […]

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Mommy Marathon- Week 18

Mommy Marathon Week 18   WHY DOES IT SEEM HARDER TO RUN? SHOULDN’T IT FEEL EASIER? As we taper, you may notice that your body feels more tired and tight. This makes running seem harder even though the workouts are easier and not as long. This phenomenon can wreak havoc on your psyche! You may […]

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Mommy Marathon-Week 16

Mommy Marathon Week 16 WHY DOES THE MOMMY MARATHON PROGRAM INCLUDE A DANCE PARTY? Dancing around with kids is FUN! But the mommy marathon dance party has a bigger reason than creating a fun memory with the kids. It’s to help you visualize yourself running the marathon by dedicating a few songs that represent the […]

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Mommy Marathon Week 15

  WHY IS THE 20 MILER SO SPECIAL? This week the long run for the marathon training is 20 miles! This is the furthest long run in the marathon training. We don’t run further than 20 miles because we can receive similar benefits without inflicting as much damage. We strengthen our bodies by breaking them […]

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Mommy Marathon- Week 13

The last week or two I have felt full board the amount of miles we have been putting in. I admittedly have to say that i’m getting a little ‘burned out’ from the task of training and being a mom. Naturally, motherhood is first priority but unfortunately running in the morning hours is my only […]

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Mommy Marathon Week 9

Hopefully your 4th of July treated you well! I ran my local 5k and finished with a time of 20:53 which I was pleased with. I’ll be sure and share the story sometime this week. I continue to find the pace of my life going faster and faster as summer progresses.   Family reunions, summer […]

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