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Mommy Marathon- Week 18

Mommy Marathon Week 18   WHY DOES IT SEEM HARDER TO RUN? SHOULDN’T IT FEEL EASIER? As we taper, you may notice that your body feels more tired and tight. This makes running seem harder even though the workouts are easier and not as long. This phenomenon can wreak havoc on your psyche! You may […]

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Mommy Marathon Week 15

  WHY IS THE 20 MILER SO SPECIAL? This week the long run for the marathon training is 20 miles! This is the furthest long run in the marathon training. We don’t run further than 20 miles because we can receive similar benefits without inflicting as much damage. We strengthen our bodies by breaking them […]

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Marathon Training Week 1

Mommy Marathon Week 1 Let the adventure begin!  The first week of training is here.  You are probably full of mixed emotions; for example, you’re excited to begin your journey towards your goal, but you may also be nervous about all the “what ifs”…what if I can’t really run my goal pace.  What if I […]

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