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5 Workouts for the Beginner Runner

    I always hear people say how much they hate running. I never really understood their reasoning until I had a baby and didn’t run for 5 months. Coming back to it with an extra 15 pounds made running a mile seem like a marathon. Running itself hurt, my legs hurt, and I was […]

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Bowtie Spinach Pasta

This recipe is perfect for the athlete and mom on the go.  It has your leafy greens, bowtie pasta for carbohydrates, and sweet peppers for a pop of color! I often eat this salad during training because it does not sit heavy in my stomach but it fills me up! Enjoy!! Ingredients: Spinach, Bowtie Pasta, […]

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30 Minute Gut Busting Workouts

I have a nasty little habit of finding hills, or creating workouts that test my limits.  As a mom on the go I’m also constantly trying to get the most out of my time. It makes for a bad combination: enjoying pain + a time crunch = A gut busting workout. Here is this weeks […]

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Mommy Marathon- Week 17

Mommy Marathon  Week 17 WHY IS EATING BREAKFAST BEFORE RUNNING IMPORTANT? When you wake up in the morning your body has already been fasting for about 7-12 hours.  Therefore, its fuel source is empty making eating breakfast before you run very important.  Stacie & I attended an awesome Nutrition for Endurance Running workshop by Julie […]

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Mommy Marathon-Week 16

Mommy Marathon Week 16 WHY DOES THE MOMMY MARATHON PROGRAM INCLUDE A DANCE PARTY? Dancing around with kids is FUN! But the mommy marathon dance party has a bigger reason than creating a fun memory with the kids. It’s to help you visualize yourself running the marathon by dedicating a few songs that represent the […]

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