Strava-My Running Addiction

My name is Stacie, and I’m addicted to Strava. There I said it. I’m blaming my addiction on my cousins who suggested I sign up for the free app. I’m addicted to the “Kudo’s” people give me for my runs, and those two evil letters “CR” (Course Record) that drive me to get faster.

If you’re a runner or biker than you need to download this app today. Strava allows you to use your Garmin or smart phone to record all your running or biking activities. It lets you track your runs/rides and set personal records on the courses that you or others have created.  If competing against your own times is not enough for you, it also will rank you amongst individuals who have run the same stretch of road that you just pounded out. Although, I’ll say it now, IT IS HIGHLY ADDICTING, SO BEWARE! :)

Essentially, it’s social networking for the everyday athlete. Once you get your log in for your Strava account you can also search for friends. Then if they go for a run it will show up in your ‘feed’.  You can then comment on their run or give them ‘Kudo’s’, which is similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook. Everybody loves a little bit of praise from a workout, including myself!

So here are my top 5 reasons to use Strava:

1. It’s a free GPS if you have a smart phone.
2. You don’t have to feel dumb for putting your run up on Facebook (even though we all want to).
3. It provides a free running log that is quick and easy. It records elevation gain, distance, pace, and heart rate.
4. It ranks you against yourself so you consistently work on getting faster. It ranks you against others to keep your competitive edge.
5. It allows your friends (like me) to see your runs and give praise for you running your first 1k, 5k or marathon!!!

So if your not on Strava, go sign up, then find me. My name is listed under ‘Stacie Lifferth Dorius’. Let’s start supporting each other in our efforts! If you’re already on Strava, let me know your name and I’ll start following you! Good Luck!

This is how I feel about Strava, it’s a love hate relationship…

I swear Strava should pay me for this…but they don’t. I just like the app. :)


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