Stick To The Plan and Enjoy It!

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I hope you have been enjoying the Mommy Marathon Plan. I love learning about the ‘why’ when it comes to training. I think too often we place our trust in random training programs and forget that there is a reason for what we are doing. My training this past week has been going well. I’ve been gearing up for the marathon training kickoff by running a few miles here and there. But yesterday I stuck to the training regime and let me give you the reason why I did.

I remember several workouts in college called ‘ladder workouts’. We would start out running at 10k race pace, then move on to 5k, mile, and eventually we would have to do our last 400 with everything we had left. Prior to starting the workout our coach would warn us that we really needed to stick to the ‘paces’ or we would not be able to hit the pace at the end of it. Coach Kristen’s workout plan is no different. It’s specifically designed to start out at a manageable pace before things get really tough. Following it will provide you with a stronger base, trust me.

Admittedly, I thought Monday’s workout seemed pretty basic. But I stuck to the plan and threw in a little twist. I decided to work on additional areas (my arms and form) while my legs were enjoying the hike. I pulled out my wrist weights like THESEand headed out on my hike. I focused on the front and back motion of the arm in helping propel me. I tried to remember to not let them cross my body horizontally, but tried to keep them nice and relaxed as I have a tendency to tighten my arms while I run!  So don’t forget to be creative if you feel like something is too east! If you need a refresher on running form click HERE!

Remember, sometimes it’s a good thing in life to have someone tell you to slow down. To take the time to hug your little ones, or put your feet up. Don’t get pulled into the American trap of having to be moving a million miles per hour all the time. Life is to be enjoyed, so get out, slow it down and ENJOY IT!

Piper (21)

Moment’s like this remind me that it’s okay to not take life too serious.

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