Setting the Racing Budget

Whenever the new year begins I start assessing which races I want to run for the year. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the fact that I need to get back in shape, none the less, now is the time I start planning my racing budget (because seriously, race organizers make a killing off of me!) .  Once I have chosen my races I go into, “whose going to join me mode?”. Like they say, misery loves company. 😉  So yesterday, I CAUTIOUSLY approached my husband and asked him if he wanted to sign up for an olympic length triathon in July. He must have had too much egg nog because if I dare say so, I think I have a soft commitment from him! I used the excuse of, “I just need someone to help me get back in shape after the baby” and BINGO the guilt set in!

 So along with my annual 4th of July 5k, I have a triathlon on the books, a late fall marathon, and possibly a half century bike race! Let the racing begin! My doctor should clear me to begin running about May 15th, and the bigger I get the more antsy I become!

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