Road To Sochi!

It’s no secret that I LOVE the olympics!  It’s true. I love them.  You can imagine our excitement when Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 games. My parents saw it as a once in a lifetime investment and therefore made sure we could attend as much as possible! It was so fun to be part of a world event like that. So whenever Utah hosts a qualifying event and we are available, we do what we can to attend the fun!   

In honor of this Olympic kickoff week I thought I would take a moment to share our outing to the olympic qualifier in Park City, Utah. You would have thought I was competing with how excited I was to be there. The only difference was that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom 50 times before competing in the event! Sometimes sitting back in a lawn chair, drinking hot chocolate makes for some of the best days!


Here we are at the qualifier for the Nordic combined. This event consists of the longest ski jump + a cross country skiing course. Then WHALA, the combined score winner is on his way to the Olympics! What an exciting day!


Like I said, sitting in a lawn chair, watching all the action, is a great place to be!


 “E” and I sporting our Gold and Silver medals. agh-hmm, I mean Olympian Gold medalists, Derrik Parra Olympic medals. I was totally having medal envy. I seriously got tears in my eyes wearing this thing. AMAZING! “E” is obviously overcome with joy to be wearing the medal. She must have just been in shock.


We have our own 4 man bobsled team. Although, I wouldn’t trust the driver with my life. :)  This is Derriks sled. Yes, we are on a first name basis. He just doesn’t know mine.


They had mock olympic events for the kids. Here is ‘E’ taking a go at the kids luge. She’s a natural, I can tell from the helmet. Such focus! 😉


Here was the leader of the cross country event. The lungs on this guy were incredible. I screamed my little heart out, I think I was his biggest fan. I’m pretty sure he heard me for the 1.2 seconds that he went by.


Okay, he looked right at me and SNAP I got this shot. He just solidified his ticket to Sochi. He has a right to be excited!  GLORY + PREGNANCY= tears of pride for some dude I didn’t even know. All I could think about was how proud his mom must be. As he crossed the line he was tackled by his 2 kids. I sure do love America. GO USA!!!!!!


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