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This past weekend Mitch and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. In our family I am in charge of planning any major event (like an anniversary) so I do what I can do deliver a great day. This one was one of the best. My husband has recently got into mountain biking so we headed up to Snowbasin ski resort for an epic day of riding.  Mitch has a great bike and is constantly trying to convince me to buy one too. I keep telling him that I have too many hobbies and i’m currently down sizing my hobbies to make time for this new baby in our life. Thus, i’m not picking up the sport but I do love a day out on the trails.

  Snowbasin has a new fleet of brand new bikes from the Canadian Mountain bike company called Rocky Mountain Bikes. The one I hopped on had never been ridden and I really liked it. Snowbasin sells all these bikes at the end of the season so if your looking for a great bike this fall be sure and visit them. Here we are at the lodge.

photo 3 (3)

As you can tell from this next group of pictures I am a very skilled biker…okay not so much. But the good news is that not even my strong, long legged  husband could make it through this slippery snow.snow.jpg

To get to the top we put our bikes in the Gondolas, enjoyed the incredible scenery while snuggling close, than hopped off after  a 10 minute ride to the top. At the top, we stopped by their grill and ate in a beautiful lodge that overlooked the Ogden valley. It was absolutely breathtaking. Once we were finished we buttoned up our coats for the unseasonably cool weather (40 degree’s plus wind chill) and rode the trail for 7 miles until we got to the bottom of the mountain. Then we did it again.  I told Mitch, “It’s so fun to be doing something adventurous again!”.  Trust me, I love motherhood as much as the next gal but there is nothing like getting away  and being adventurous with your man!
mtn bikingMitch and I decided that next time we go we will be taking our kids along. They have a cute little dirt trail for the ‘littles’ (2-5 yr olds) and some basic trails for those a little older.  They also have a nice playground for the kids to play on. So if your looking for a fun picnic getaway head over here to Ogden, Utah and I’ll personally show you around! 😉
photo 4 (9)

We finished the night off at the theatre’s watching, “The Million Dollar Arm”. It was a nice ‘feel me good’ movie complete with a touch of romance. So let me raise my glass to this husband and wife, marriage, anniversaries, and for getting out and spending time with the ones you love!

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