Ragnar 2013

This year Kirsten and I ran the Ragnar Race from Logan to Park City, Utah. We ended up running on separate teams but we both had a great time. I ran with my old college track team. It was an absolute riot! After some dropping out here and there we ended up with three distance runners, two hurdlers, four sprinters, one multi-event athlete, and two great adopted teammates who filled up the team. Combined we have 15 kids. After college we all went our separate ways but we still have one thing in common–we love UTAH STATE!

Here is our team: “The USU Has-Beens.” How appropriate that we are in a mini-van. We were all relieved to have the car-seats (and kiddo’s) at home. :)

Here I am eating a nasty hamburger from Maverick. I know gross. Instead of getting sugar cravings I crave red meat. What was I thinking? I paid for this as I sat in a nasty Honeybucket outhouse.

It’s people like this guy who make the Ragnar awesome–anything goes. I ran with him for a few miles. He was really funny and was quite open about the amount of chafing he had going on. OUCH!

Here is our team. Van 1 had a great time despite one girl sitting on a bee and us pulling the stinger out of her bum, locking our keys in the van at 2:00 AM in the middle of nowhere, and getting one hour of sleep. Van 2 had a good time although they had it much worse as half their team spent throwing up at 1:00 AM from severe food poisoning. Does that sound horrible or what?
    Despite the downs of the trip, everyone put in great effort, ran their tired hearts out, and ended up taking third overall in the girls division with a time of 28 hours and 38 minutes! Go Aggies!!

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