Mommy marathon FINAL

As race day is upon us I’ve had several thoughts come into my mind. The one that seems to be reoccurring is that of ‘why do I run?’.  Not only is it the thought that often crosses my mind, but it’s also the question that I am asked the most. I usually answer it as, ‘because it’s what I like to do. Some enjoy sewing, some enjoy reading, and I enjoy running.’  Truthfully, It’s more than that for me. This weekend I cheered my brother in law on as he ran the Wasatch 100 mile race. Which will be a post in and of itself, as it deserves to be.  However, as I watched him, I found myself again understanding the reason why we run.  Running allows you to do something that requires hard work, endurance, perseverance, and dedication.  It defies what most people say the human body ‘should’ or ‘can’ do and helps you find what it is designed TO do.  Training and racing reminds us that there is no limit to what our abilities are, and the only one that limits the bodies abilities is ourself.  
      I’m not sure if it is the 3rd child or what but when I think of race day while i’m running I’ve found myself getting a little choked up. Why, you ask? because I see it like this.  I’ve woke up every morning since May, laced up my running shoes, and dragged myself out the door. There have been runs that have felt awful, and runs where I felt like I was flying. There have been days when I have walked in the door to screaming children, and days when their still sleeping.  There have been workouts in lightning and rain, and others in blue skies and sunshine.  And finally, the day to put all that hard work to fruition is upon me, and I am ready. I have worked and worked and I’m ready to accomplish. There is no reason to run a bad race, only reason to enjoy the race itself.  

I believe that God appreciates me (and you) doing hard things and likes to see US accomplish those things. He will be cheering me on and he will cheer you on.  Most importantly,  finishing this goal will teach YOU what YOU can do.  From training and racing you will learn that despite life’s difficulties you can accomplish and get through things are hard.  And even though there are times where everything in life seems TOO hard, there will be those occasional ‘RACE DAY’S’ where everything will pay off.  This race is YOUR time to accomplish and reach beyond what even YOU believe you can do. GOOD LUCK!

Monday– 20 min trail run
Tues- 30 min cross-train
Wed- 4 mile run followed by 6x100m strides
Thurs- 30 min cross-train
Friday– 3 mile run followed by 4x100m strides
Saturday– RACE DAY 26.2 miles
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