Pregnant and Still Running!

That’s right i’m pregnant! We could not be more excited to be adding baby number 3 to our family. As part of the blog I will be giving you the play by play, including weight gain numbers, of my pregnancy. You will see me get as large as a horse (I really do, it’s simply part of life),  the delivery story, C-section recovery, and lastly, I will show you what I do to lose the baby weight!
    There will also be several upcoming posts about tips for working out while pregnant, ab exercises, and all the benefits of working out while you are pregnant. So stay tuned it’s going to be a weight gaining fall and winter for me and I could not be happier.
Weight gain: 7 pounds

Sorry about the make-up less picture. When you’re a morning runner you don’t usually take the time to put it on. :)

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