Ogden Marathon Race Review


Race Name: Ogden Marathon

Race Date:  May 17, 2014

Race Difficulty: Intermediate

Race Description: After a long winter, this race is the perfect one for your summer racing kick off. It begins 8 miles east of Huntsville and winds you down toward Pineview reservoir. Once out of the canyon you’ll find yourself making your way through green pastures, picturesque mountains, and a beautiful view of Pineview dam. The final 7.3 miles take you down through Ogden canyon then along the river parkway and off to the finish line. However, when you sign up for this race be prepared for any type of weather. Spring races in Utah can be a bit of a wild card as you can expect rain, snow, or sunshine. May the odds be in your favor!

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 The following sections are rated on a scale of 1-5. Please note that these ratings are from our readers and do not necessarily reflect The At Race Pace team.

 Volunteers: 5 out of 5

Aid Stations: 5 out of 5

Starting Line Organization: 4 out of 5

            Comment: The actual starting line is your typical marathon starting line with advanced runners at the front. However, dress warm as it is always below 50 degrees up the canyon and there never seems to be enough fire pits to warm up a

Starting Line Transportation: 4 out of 5

            Comment: Be prepared to wake up early to catch that bus!

Finish Line Accommodations: 5 out of 5

Awards: 5 out of 5

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