Not My Best Shot

As promised, I’ve decided to post my weight loss on the web site. The reality of actually posting this has (admittedly) made me a little bit uncomfortable.  On the bright side, posting my weight loss has definitely created some major accountability for me to my readers. So here we go! I actually labeled this picture on my computer as, ‘Not my best shot’. 


136 and losing

My current weight is 136 and my hope is to get into the 120 range. Here is how i’m planning on doing it. Right now i’m not exercising. I have a few more weeks of recovery before I can do that! I have switched my eating patterns though. My current goal is to eat a salad with chicken 3 times a week for lunch. Another note is that i’m also nursing which is going to help me lose some additional weight.  I’ve also started drinking an extra 2-3 glasses of water a day.

 My goal for next week is to start doing light exercises. For example this will be my routine for next week:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 3 minutes of 3 pound weights doing curls, lateral raises, and runners (all explained below). So I will be a total of 9 minutes of LIGHT exercises per day.  Notice that i’m starting very easy and eventually building up. In fact, this week I signed up for The Big Cottonwood Marathon. Like I said, starting small but building up to a marathon. Completing a marathon is a big deal for me. Decide what you want to accomplish and set out to do it! Good luck!

If you’re interested in sharing your story or tracking it with the At Race Pace crowd let me know! Whether it’s 100 pounds or 10 let me know and lets do this together!

Curls: Lift the individual weights from the hips and curl them up to your chest
Lateral Raises: From the side of your hip, lift the weight up with arms straight out as if flying. Stop at the level of the shoulder and slowly lower
Runners: While holding the weight, move your arms back and forth in a running motion (you can either sit or stand)


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