My First Ragnar:

Last weekend I ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. It was actually my first relay race since I ran the 400 x400 meters as a freshman in high school. Ragnar is like no other race I’ve ever experienced. It lasts almost a day and a half and tests a runner’s patience, recovery time, and ability to perform on very little sleep.
As tough as it was I had just as much fun because I was able to run with my brother! There was definitely some fun conversation and loud laughter as we waited for each of our legs in the back of a mini-van. Here’s a good count down of my race…

There were 12 runners on our team.
I had 11 Visits to the Honey Buckets.
I Drank 10 bottles of H2O.
I downed 9 granola bars during my wait time.
I averaged 8 minute pace throughout the race.
Ended up with 7 Mosquito bites.
A total of 6 sweaty bodies were in our van
There were 5 Van exchanges
I ran 4 legs (that’s right, I ran an extra one..)
I got 3 hours of sleep in
2 days.
All this in 1 Race….Ragnar.

Our Van at the start… I was Runner #1!

My favorite fans (my two kiddos and hubby) followed our van during my first 2 legs! They are so fun to have on the course, they cheered for me the whole time! ‘

We were so grateful for this donated mini-van but my brother and I had to take a quick picture demonstrating how you had to start the van…that’s a screw driver!! Ha, classic.

Loved tallying up our kills (number of teams we passed).

What’s a Ragnar race without sporting a fake Tattoo?

I’m already looking forward to next year:)

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