Morning Ride: Hill Climb

                                                               (My View @ 7 A.M)

This morning I woke up early and headed out on my road bike. I have a triathlon coming up in 4 weeks and this is the first time I’ve taken it for a spin. Ooops! Running usually wins the “quickest workout” which is why biking is a tricky ‘mom’ sport. Thus, Saturdays are riding days.

     I figured if I was going to go out I was going to go big (for me at least), and I ended up doing a 25 mile ride with an elevation climb of 1362 ft. Not too bad for the first day out. The best part of my ride was when I was coming back. I did a nonchalant biker wave to a passing biker who was wearing the kit from our club. But right when I passed him I realized it was my dad! I hollered for him to stop and rode across the street. I hugged him, and as I did tears came to my eyes. I was so glad to see him out biking. Dad has been roughing out colon cancer. In the past 8 months he has had surgeries, ports, and 6 months of chemo therapy. His last treatment was 2 weeks ago. He  has not been well enough to bike, so you can imagine how happy he was to be on the road again. We went on and rode together for a while until I peeled off and went home. I smiled the whole way home. In fact, I think I still have bugs in my teeth from smiling. Life is full of tender mercies.
My Dad, siblings, and I with wobbly legs after the Logan to Jackson bike race.
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  1. Mrs. T July 15, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    You guys are awesome. Love you all!

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