Mommy Marathon-Week 8

Mommy marathon

This week Coach Kristen is off to Lake Powell for some vacation time with her family which is why you have the pleasure of hearing from me today. 😉

Happy 4th of July!   The 4th of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays because  A) I love the country I live in B) it’s a day full of BBQ’s and everyone is completely content sitting around in lawn chairs and C) Every 20 miles there is a 5k going on. It’s wonderful.  I remember one 4th of July right after we got married that was particularly awesome.

Being newly married my husband and I did not have a lot of money so I told him I wouldn’t pay the money to run in a race that year. But that morning I woke up and started out for a leisurely jog. Before I knew it I found myself running by Layton City park where there were signing people up for their 5k. I just happened to put $20 in my pocket just ‘IN CASE’  such a situation should arise. Having no self control in these matters I signed up. I had a great time running and the only problem was that I had to go home and tell my husband what I had done. I walked in the door with my race bib on and said, “I have good news and bad news.” I said. Seeing my racing bib he looked less than thrilled.  “The bad news is that I signed up and ran a 5k. The good news is that I won the whole thing and got $75 worth of winnings!”  We both had a good laugh and he told me It was a darn good thing I won!

This year I don’t expect to be winning any races however I am a big believer in supporting our local running community. So this week Kristen worked a 5k into the training. Although it is not  a high miles  week think ‘effort’ here. A good 5k is a great speed workout as well as a good way to find out your actual 5k time to use in other workouts. So go sign up and enjoy this beautiful country that we live in! God Bless the USA!

Monday: 40-45 minute trail run

Tuesday: 40 minute cross train

Wednesday: 3 x 1200 meters, then 4 x 200 meter accelerations

Thursday:40 minute cross train
Friday: Go support your running community and participate in a 5k!

Saturday: 5-7 miles depending on how you feel

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