Mommy Marathon- Week 18

Mommy marathon

Mommy Marathon Week 18



As we taper, you may notice that your body feels more tired and tight. This makes running seem harder even though the workouts are easier and not as long. This phenomenon can wreak havoc on your psyche! You may start questioning if you will be able to finish the marathon because suddenly running 9 miles seems as difficult as running 20 miles did. But take comfort knowing that this is a completely normal response to a taper.

Think back on some of the long runs and interval workouts we have accomplished during our training. I remember when I ran 15 miles for the first time, it took everything I had to finish. When I finally hit the finishing mark, I was done. My body didn’t want to move even a foot further than I “had” to.   Our bodies are going through a similar experience right now. It has noticed that we have “slowed” things down and so it now believes it is finished working hard. That training is over.  So you feel more sluggish, and feel as though you have to prod your body along to keep going.

The good news is that once race day hits, your body will have had the rest and recovery it needed, and will be hungry and itching to run hard! All the benefits of months of training will now have the opportunity to express themselves. So during these next couple weeks focus on keeping your thoughts positive, and know you are about to surprise and shock yourself!

Sunday: Recovery day! Plan your workouts for the week, use a foam roller, go for a walk, and take a nap!

Monday: 35 min trail run

Tuesday: 30 min cross-train.

Wednesday: Visualization fartlek workout. 50 minutes. Remember week 16 when we talked about the importance of visualization with the use of music. Well today, we are going to take it one step further. Choose 5 songs that are part of your marathon play list. As you do this workout, visualize how you are going to feel during the race and visualize your race plan:

  • Song 1- choose a calming song that will help you stay in control of your pace (don’t go too fast or this workout will be rotten!). This song should help you warm-up. 10-12 minutes
  • Song 2- choose a fun song that gradually encourages you to pick up the pace a bit. 5-7 minutes
  • Song 3- choose an inspiring song that turns your pace dial up a little more. 7 minutes
  • Song 4- choose a pump up song that really gets you moving (and distracts you from the pain). 7 minutes
  • Song 5- choose a release the beast song that powers your body to go even faster and to finish this workout strong. 7 minutes

Then cool down by walking or jogging for 10 minutes.

Thursday: 30 min cross-train.

Friday: 3 mile tempo run on rolling hills. Warm up by jogging or walking 10 minutes. Then increase the pace to tempo run pace (which is your 5k race pace plus 20-45sec) for 5 miles. This pace should feel SOMEWHAT HARD. Then cool down for 1 mile.  

Saturday: Long Run 8 miles (Half-marathon 5 miles). Pace is your 5k race pace plus 90-120sec. The pace should feel EASY

*If you are training for a half-marathon do the same work-outs except your long run is shorter this week.    


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