Mommy Marathon- Week 17

Mommy marathon

Mommy Marathon  Week 17


When you wake up in the morning your body has already been fasting for about 7-12 hours.  Therefore, its fuel source is empty making eating breakfast before you run very important.  Stacie & I attended an awesome Nutrition for Endurance Running workshop by Julie Hansen as part of a running series for Mountainland Physical Therapy.  She gave us some ideas of what you could eat before exercising depending on the amount of time before your run.

1 hour or less before competition/training (about 100 calories): *Choose one of the following

  • Fresh fruit such as a banana or orange
  • Half of a sports energy bar such as PowerBar
  • ½ plain bagel or English muffin
  • Crackers such as saltines or Melba toast
  • Small box of cereal such as Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies or Total
  • 8-12 oz of a sports drink such as Gatorade or Powerade

2-3 hours before competition/training (about 300-400 calories): *Choose one of the following

  • ½ of turkey sandwich on white bread with baked chips
  • ½ bagel with jelly & banana
  • 2 pancakes with syrup and berries
  • 32 oz sports drink
  • 1 smoothie with berries, banana, & whey protein
  • 1 sports energy bar, 1 cup sports drink, 1 cup water

3-4 hours before competition/training (about 700 calories):  *Choose one of the following

  • Scrambled egg whites with white toast/jam and banana
  • 1 bagel with low-fat cream cheese, jelly, and banana
  • 3 oz grilled chicken breast with small baked potato, roll and water
  • 2 cups plain pasta with 1 plain roll
  • 1 can of low fat sport shake with no more than 25 grams of protein, 1 sports bar, 1 banana, water





Sunday:  Recovery day!  Plan your workouts for the week, use a foam roller, go for a walk, and take a nap!

Monday: Warm-up by walking or jogging 1.5 miles.  Then run uphill for 2 minutes- then run downhill- recover- then repeat 2 more times.  Then cool-down by jogging or waling 1 mile.

Tuesday: 45 min cross-train. 

Wednesday: Warm-up by walking or jogging 1.5 miles. Then do 4 x 1200m at interval pace.  Pace for the interval workout should be your 5k race pace and then subtract 10-20sec.  You should feel like you are working HARD.  In between each interval, rest by walking 200m (or about 3 minutes).  Then cool-down by jogging or walking 1 mile.

Thursday: 45 min cross-train. 

Friday:  Long Run 13-15 miles (Half-marathon 7 miles).  Choose 13 miles if you have been feeling worn torn with training lately.  Choose 15 miles if you feel like you need more mileage.  Pace is your 5k race pace plus 90-120sec.  The pace should feel  EASY.    

Saturday: 5 mile tempo run on rolling hills.  Warm up by jogging or walking 10 minutes.  Then increase the pace to tempo run pace (which is your 5k race pace plus 20-45sec) for 5 miles.  This pace should feel SOMEWHAT HARD.  Then cool down for 1 mile.

 *If you are training for a half-marathon do the same work-outs except your long run is shorter this week.    



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