Mommy Marathon Week 12

Mommy marathon 

Mommy Marathon Week 12


We have been discussing the 6 primary components that work together to form a great distance runner. Those 6 primary components include:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Muscular System
  • Lactate threshold
  • Aerobic capacity (VO2 max)
  • Speed
  • Economy of running

The focus this week is aerobic capacity which is measured by your VO2 max. Your VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can consume and utilize. Your VO2 max depends on three things:

  • How much oxygen can be delivered to the working muscles
  • How well the muscles process the delivered oxygen
  • How well the muscles can dispel the by-product carbon dioxide

You improve your VO2 max by doing interval workouts! Interval workouts are HARD. They are suppose to be! Many people may not understand why interval training is important for marathon training. What they don’t understand that interval workouts are the best way to improve your VO2 max. So next time you want to skip your next interval workout, remember how vital these quality workouts are. Then go out there and work HARD!

Sunday: Recovery day! Plan your workouts for the week, use a foam roller, go for a walk, and take a nap!

Monday: Warm-up by walking or jogging 1.5 miles. Then do 4 x 1/2 mile downhill (or uphill, depending on your race course) on a 6% grade. Recover between each downhill/uphill repeat by walking up or down the hill. Then cool-down by jogging or walking 1 mile.

Tuesday: 40 min cross-train.

Wednesday: Warm-up by walking or jogging 1.5 miles. Then do 7 x 800m at interval pace. Pace for the interval workout should be your 5k race pace and then subtract 10-20sec. You should feel like you are working HARD. In between each interval, rest by walking 200m (or about 3 minutes). Then cool-down by jogging or walking 1 mile.

Thursday: 40 min cross-train.

Friday: 6 mile tempo run on rolling hills. Warm up by jogging or walking 10 minutes. Then increase the pace to tempo run pace (which is your 5k race pace plus 20-45sec) for 5 miles. This pace should feel SOMEWHAT HARD. Then cool down for 1 mile.

Saturday: Long Run 17 miles (Half-marathon 11 miles). Pace is your 5k race pace plus 90-120sec. The pace should feel EASY.  

*If you are training for a half-marathon do the same work-outs except your long run is shorter this week.    




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