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Finally the day has come! Today we are launching the introduction of the Mommy Marathon Training Program! This program was created by moms, for moms. Our first week of workouts will be posted next Monday, so lace up your shoes because this is going to be awesome. I’m going to turn the post over to the brains behind it all, Kristen Guymon. She is going to explain the WHY behind the program.

Thanks Stacie! Running a marathon is hard work!  No matter what pace you are running, a marathon hurts.  It is grueling and painful.  Yet, for some crazy reason you are thinking about running one.  In fact, this may not even be your first one which means you KNOW how hard it is.  What are you thinking!?! 

You may be thinking that you want to join the 0.5% of the US population who has run a marathon.  Or maybe it’s because the average woman burns 2,880 calories while running a marathon[1].  Or maybe it’s because you are a masochist and thrive on pain.  Everyone has a different reason, but believe me everyone HAS a reason.  My “why” is that I love the sense of accomplishment I receive, not just the day of the marathon, but throughout the training as well.  I also love proving to myself that I can do hard things.  I remind myself of this fact.  When I’m up all night with a sick baby, I think to myself “I’ve ran a marathon, I can do hard things!  Listening to four hours of crying is not nearly as bad as four hours of running.”  I also love setting a good example of health and fitness for my children. 

What I don’t love about marathon training is how consuming it is.  In the past, I felt like a slave to my training plan.  Near the end of my training, both my husband and I were grateful that I would finally be done soon so that I could be a mom again!  Which lead to the creation of the Mommy Marathon Program.  This training plan is based on concepts by Jack Daniels and the Furman Institute of Running & Scientific Training (FIRST marathon training).

Everything about this program has a “why” behind it.  But the main objectives of this program are:

  • To provide a marathon training program tailored to a mom of young kids.
  • To help individuals to run her first marathon, set a new personal record, and/or qualify for the Boston marathon.
  • To encourage individuals to maintain balance- balance with the elements of fitness but also the elements within her life.
  • To have a fun and memorable training journey!

There are a few key…

  • The focus of this program is on QUALITY MILES not just logging in a large quantity of miles in preparation of the marathon.
  • Although, mileage is important, this program’s primary focus is on minutes spent working.
  • Recovery and cross-training days are vitally important. 
    • Recovery allows your body to build muscle so that you are ready to work hard again.  If you are not recovered your body won’t be able to do the “work” days as well.
    • Cross-training allows you to keep your intensity high while minimizing the risk of injury because you are using different muscles.  Cross-training also allows you to do an “active” recovery.  Not to mention, cross-training give a mental break from the monotony of running!
    • This program was designed for mothers to do together!  One running buddy is good.  A group of Mommy Marathoners is better!  You don’t need to be running the same pace, but you will then be able to help each other with your kids as well as provide motivation for each other.
    • Visualization is another vital component of the Mommy Marathon program!  Each day you are encouraged to visualize yourself running the marathon.  Begin by choosing your “theme songs” for each 5 mile increments.  Then each night have a “dance party” with your kids listening to those songs.  Dance around, have fun, and visualize a positive marathon experience!

General Information:

The Mommy Marathon Training plan is a 17 week training program.  Our marathon is on September 13th so we will be beginning the week of May 11.  Your long runs begin at 4 miles and then increases to 20 miles, and then tampers back down. Yes, you can do the “plan” even if you aren’t a mom or even if you aren’t a female!  

Sunday– Recovery days.  Pamper your body on Sundays!  Soak in the tub, use the foam roller, massage your arches, eat good food, and take a nap.

Monday– Trail/hill days.  After a refreshing recovery day, ease your body back into training with a beautiful trail run.  Or warm-up for a few miles and go power-up some hills.  If your race course has a lot of downhill, you will also use want to do some downhill training…trust me, “downhill” running can be brutal if you aren’t prepared for it.  Hopefully, you got some extra-sleep on Sunday so that Monday can be your early morning run.  Leave before your husband gets up and out the door before work.  If that doesn’t work for you, have your training partner do the hill workout and you do the trail run.  The next week switch, you do the hill workout and they do the trail run.

Tuesday/Thursday– Cross-training.  The focus of today should be on the other areas of your life.  Does your house need a good cleaning?  Great because “vigorous” house cleaning counts as a cross-training work-out.  Does your husband need some attention?  Sweet we have a perfect “date-night” work-out plan you can do together.  Do your kids have cabin fever?  Sounds like the perfect day for a family hike.  Living an active lifestyle is not only a great cross-training workout, but it is also a habit you will want to keep long after “race day”. Be sure to check for other wonderful cross-training ideas!

Wednesday– Intervals.  The best way to do intervals is to have everyone meet at a park that has a “track”.  The track may be dirt, cement, asphalt, or an actual track.  Some kids will play together without too much supervision.  If you kids need more supervision, have one person run while the other person rests and watches kids.  Then switch.

Friday/Saturday– Long Run/Tempo.  Long run days, are the days you will be most grateful to have a multiple running buddies.  Ideally, you could have four friends.  Two friends will watch the kids and do their long run on Saturday and the other two friends will go for their long run together.  That way you don’t have to do your long run alone, but you also have someone to watch your kids!

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  1. mamaV May 6, 2014 at 9:26 am #

    I am so happy I decided to click on something that lead me here on Pinterest a few weeks ago!! I’m a mama to two boys (1 and 3), but have never run more than a 1/2, since I’ve NEVER wanted to or been interested. I’ve always said, well if I had someone my pace who would train with me, I TOTALLY would! (Insert baby #2) Now, the long runs on my own are PRICELESSSSSSS. I’m running Twin Cities Marathon in October, with a few other big races before then (just did my first half of the season two weeks ago), but am so excited for this journey. Thank you so much for this. There are so many plans that I’m like, “What the heck, how am I supposed to follow that, get dinner on the table, clean the house, breastfeed, water the plants, (insert basically everything here), and still WANT to do this!?” So thank you!! Side note: I know it’s my first, but I’m also (**crossing fingers**) hoping to qualify for Boston. Lofty goal? Yes, but I’m mama bear, hear me roar. This is the only thing I get to do for myself, so you better believe I’m putting everything I’ve got into it!!

    • Stacie May 15, 2014 at 4:51 pm #

      MamaV- I totally loved your comment! You are totally right, you are a THE Mama Bear and you are going to rock this! Let me know when you run your races we would love to have you tell us all about it on the blog if your willing! Good luck!!!! -Stacie

  2. Jewls May 6, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    This is AWESOME! So excited. I am running a half in June…will it matter if my long run distances are higher than the schedule for the first month of marathon training??

    • Stacie May 15, 2014 at 4:50 pm #

      Hey Julie, Your answer will be in Monday’s post, stay tuned! :) Good luck at the nestle 5k!


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