March Focus On Fitness

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I am so  excited to dedicate this month to Fitness! I know, I know this is nothing out of the ordinary as this is a fitness blog. However, sometimes we all need a little jolt to get us outside and moving again! What better month is there to do this than March when the warmer weather is practically yanking your hand out the door!  I told my husband the other day, “I feel like warmer weather and putting the kids outside makes me a better mom.” :)  Unfortunately, it is true. A little space between us all is a VERY good thing!  We are teaming up with fun, cheap or free as well as part of this amazing month! They have an awesome free printable to help you track your fitness and eating programs! Check them out here!

Now for the real exciting stuff. As part of this ROCKING month we will be doing a few big giveaways. Starting….. THIS WEEK! On friday we are doing a group giveaway for the following prizes, Grand prize: $250 Amazon gift card, Then others can win $100 dollars worth of essential oils, cook books, sports bras, Ipod running sleeves, etc. Um, are you excited yet???? It’s going to be a fun week so be sure and enter!  Not to mention, I am going to cap the month off by having a baby!!!! Oh wait, that is probably only exciting for me. None the less, that will launch my webified weight loss story where you will see my weigh in’s every week. So here is the calendar for the month to wet your whistle about upcoming posts!

Week 1: W: Focus on Fitness Kick off, (Th) Inspiration  (F) Giveaway Kickoff  (SAT)  Sweet and Savory Salmon on the Grill

Week 2: (M) Weekly workouts, (T) Perfecting Your Running Form, (W) Perfecting Your Running Form Part 2 (Th) Inspiration (F) Winners announced and healthy recipe

Week 3: (M) Weekly Workouts, (T) Injury Prevention for Running, (W) Injury prevention, (Th) Inspiration (F) Healthy Recipes

Week 4: (M) Weekly Workouts, (T) The Chia Seed Craze, (W) 5 Ways to use Chia Seeds,  (Th) Inspiration  (F) Healthy Recipes

Hopefully you are as excited about this month as I am! Not to mention does it ‘smell’ like track season to anyone else? No, I swear there is an actual ‘smell’ to track season.


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