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hearingAs part of our music week we decided to invite  Audiologist, Spencer Lifferth to give us a quick run down on how to save our hearing (and our kids for that matter), as we hit the gym with our Ipods.     

Have you ever been at the gym and the person next to you has their headphones up so loud that you can hear it? When I see that I think, “they are going to be my patient soon.” Having your music too loud can cause individuals to need hearing aids in their 30’s or 40’s.
     Music is a great way to help motivate you when you are running or at least distract you from the pain BUT you may be damaging your hearing if you turn it up too loud. On most Apple products, at 70% of your volume setting, you are in a loudness range where OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) would require earplugs because the effects will damage your hearing over time! Here are a few tips to help save your hearing.

  1. Set your ipod to have a sound limit. Essentially, you’re programming your ipod so that it’s maximum sound level is 70%. If your a parent grab your kids ipod, or ipad and set these limits. For instructions on how see this link, How to set limits
  2. Sound isolation headphones. Not noise cancelling, nobody wants to go for a run while wearing something that looks like they came out of a recording studio. By using rubber tipped sound isolation headphones you can get rid of any competing sounds. How great would it be to only hear your music instead of that person who sounds like a Clydesdale while they run on the treadmill next to you?
  3. If you want a perfect fit, find an audiologist in the phone book and they can custom make earpieces to snap onto the end of your Skull Candy, etc. headphones.
Special Thanks to our guest contributer, 
Spencer Lifferth AuD,, CCC-A
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