Fresh Salmon on the Grill

Lucky for me, I married into a family that owns a cabin in Alaska. So, we enjoy a freezer full of fresh salmon every summer.  The boys, and occasionally the girls, love catching the ‘reds’ off the Kenai river.

The only problem is, I don’t like Salmon…unless it is cooked like this. 
Salmon on the Grill
1. Using a quarter slab of salmon, rub your season of choice on it. We use this tasty little seasoning from Thymes and Seasons in Bountiful, Utah (I believe you can buy it online). Rub it generously on the salmon.

If you don’t have this seasoning, I also like using brown sugar, black pepper, garlic powder and salt.

2.  On medium heat, lay the salmon SKIN DOWN on the grill. 
3.  Next, cover it with foil. Essentially, you make a tent over the salmon to trap in the heat. You will never flip the salmon.
4.  Allow it to cook for 10-15 minutes. Your salmon is done when it is moist, pinkish white, and flaky. You don’t want it wet or sushi like.
5. When it is finished, grab a spatula and lift the salmon off WITHOUT the skin. The skin will stick to the grill (see picture).  

6.   Enjoy!

 (Note: Beside salmon being full of omega-3’s,  it’s also said to decrease inflammation, increase cognitive function, as well as prevent cancer! See more about the benefits of salmon here:

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