Flag Rock Run (Farmington, Utah)- Race Review


Race Name: Flag Rock Run

Race Date: July, 2014

Location: Farmington City, Utah

Race Difficulty: Difficult

Race Description: If you are out to prove something, this is the race for you. This race begins at the Farmington city building and sends you running (quite literally), straight up the mountain.  Halfway up the mountain you’ll come upon the flag that marks the turning point in the race. Don’t forget to look up from the trail and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Great Salt Lake and antelope island. This race comes complete with a free pancake breakfast, what can be better than that?! Approximate length: 7.3 miles.

Race Website: http://www.farmington.utah.gov/

The following sections are rated on a scale of 1-5. Please note that these ratings are from our readers and do not necessarily reflect The At Race Pace team.

Volunteers: 4 out of 5

Aid Stations:2 out of 5

      Comment: Hardly any aid stations due to the terrain

Starting Line Organization: 3 out of 5

Starting Line Transportation: n/a

Finish Line Accommodations: 5 out of 5

Awards: 5 out of 5

Photo Courtesy: www.themorningrunner.com

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