Finding Your Sport by: Robb Lifferth

My name is Robb Lifferth, I am a long time reader  and a first time blogger.  So for you English critiques out there, please keep your comments to yourself.  There are a couple of things you should know about me.  First off, I am Stacie Dorius’ favorite brother.  Stacie and I have some similarities and a few differences.  

Let’s start with the differences.  Stacie has been winning races since 7th grade and hasn’t left the podium since.  I am a little different.  I am more of the “lets complete the race for the experience” kind of guy.  In reality, I cherish the participation medals from each of my races a little more than I should because an actual medal is just not in the cards for me.  I am the Danny De Vito to her Arnold Schwarzenegger.  That’s right, I just made a Twins reference.  Stacie might be too young to pick up on it.  I digress.

Like Stacie, I like the outdoors and have been exercising in one, way, shape or form all of my life.  Unlike Stacie, who found her passion for running at an early age, I hadn’t really found an exercise that got me overly excited each day.  I tried everything from lifting weights to triathlons.  The result was the same, nothing more than a means to an end.  I worked out simply trying to avoid the belly getting bigger than my chest, which is getting harder as I get older.  This all changed when I found my favorite outdoor activity, mountain biking, which I only picked that up a couple of years ago.  Up until then, I had been road biking for a couple of years, and  while it had been somewhat enjoyable, it didn’t give me the passion that I was looking for.  However, my favorite part of road biking is training with my Dad, brothers, sisters, and cousins. 
Before I started mountain biking, I was taught to fly fish by my father-in-law while I was completing school at Utah State.  Even though fly fishing is not the endurance sport that keeps the pounds off, it did get me off the couch.  Like my other sports, I am not the best fisherman in the world, but I was in the mountains, and that was good enough for me.  I love being up in nature.  When I moved back to Layton, life got in the way, and my fly fishing trips became less frequent, until they dwindled down to just a couple times a year. Because I wasn’t fly fishing, I needed something that I could do that I would count as “me time”.  I tried to pick running up to as a potential “me time” activity, but I just couldn’t get into it.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with running.  Luckily for me, my cousins turned me on to mountain biking, I finally found something that I simply loved to do.  For me it is the difference between struggling to find the motivation to get out versus calling my friends to go out with me or simply going alone.   I enjoy being back in the mountains.  I enjoy the laidback attitude that came with the sport.  For those who don’t know, the mountain biking crowd are considerably friendlier than their closely related counterparts, road bikers.  I am guessing all spandex cuts off the circulation to the “courteous section” in the brain.  I can say that because I am still a roady and I can make fun of my own.  I digress, yet again.  One of the biggest things I like about mountain biking is the ability to see places that I would not normally see otherwise.  I recently made a trip to Moab, which completely blew my mind.  That place is incredible!  It boggles my mind that I had not done any serious exploring down in Moab up until this year, yet I have lived in Utah my whole life.  If you have not been, it is a must!
Speaking of cool places to go, over the Thanksgiving break, I got an invite to go fly fishing in Idaho, just above Preston in the Oneida Narrows.  The water was cold (had to break the ice on the edge of the river to get out at the end of the day).  The fishing was pretty good, especially for this time of year.  Stacie was kind of enough to loan me her iphone 5 Dri Cat waterproof case.  It took this clear picture of one of the little fish I caught.  The rest of the fish I caught were monsters, I simply don’t like to brag. :)  The case worked as advertised.  I dropped in the water, and it came out dry as can be.  I did have a hard time taking pictures underwater, but I think it was more user error because I didn’t like having my hands in the river (remember the part about the ice?!).  I digress yet again.
To be clear, nothing has changed as far as my talents go.  I didn’t magically get on a mountain bike and start winning races.  When I go out with friends, I am still at the back of the pack.  But the difference, I love to get out into the mountains and ride.  I will soon have mountain bike race participation medals that I will value a little too highly.  J  But it has taught me one thing, whether it is running, biking, swimming, fly fishing, or any other sport, the most important thing is that you find what YOU like and you do it.  If not, it’s hard to keep that belly smaller than your chest.
-Robb Lifferth



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2 Responses to Finding Your Sport by: Robb Lifferth

  1. Brian Lifferth December 21, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

    Great post Robb!

  2. Dad Lifferth January 11, 2014 at 4:06 am #

    Good post Robb and good advice.

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