Finding Your Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight As a collegiate athlete I found myself in an environment where being in shape was very important. With such pressure to be in shape there were many  who had an unhealthy view of themselves in regards to weight.  These attitudes were not from pressure from our coaches or trainers to be more thin, they were simply the result of over achieving individuals who would do almost anything to be their best. This was and is still understandable as your performances and seasonal bests projected if your schooling will be paid for and how much of it will be paid. By the end of my college career I was receiving books, fee’s, tuition, as well as a healthy stipend that paid for my housing and food. Was running my fastest important? Absolutely!  Can you see how collegiate athletes can become obsessive about every aspect of their bodies? In college there was a lot of fine tuning going on and it was at times a fine line.  However, difficulties with losing too much weight is not limited to collegiate athletes, it is everywhere. This video portrays it very well:


Losing weight in any situation can become dangerous and my hope is that you can stay in control of yourself as you go about it. In fact, I have been so bothered by how much people worry about weight that I refused to have a scale in my house until this year when I decided to do weight loss posts. So this Christmas Santa delivered THIS one. I try not to pay too much attention to it however checking the numbers is always tempting!

My hope is that you’ll forget about celebrities, forget about television, and hit the goal weight that is HEALTHY for you. My goal weight is 120 and really, anything below that makes me look a bit frail. If you are unsure what your healthy weight is use this chart from for reference:weight chart

For me my height is 5’5 and I have a smaller frame. So 120 is  right within in my range. As a word of caution I hope that everyone approaches their weight loss goals  with a plan and a clear mind set! Best of luck and stay tuned for  tomorrows post as I reveal my current weight and my plans to reach my optimal weight! 

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3 Responses to Finding Your Healthy Weight

  1. Jami April 15, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    I have a hard time with the BMI chart. According to the chart I’m on the border of normal and overweight. I definitely have 5-10 pounds to loose, but I’m not a small framed person and I don’t think the BMI chart takes that I to account. I’ve been stuck at my current weight for awhile. Not sure what to do. I exercise regularly and I don’t think I eat really unhealthy. Not sure what to do… I’m very grumpy when I go on diets. :)

    • Stacie April 15, 2014 at 8:43 pm #

      Alright Jami, let’s do this together! Keep reading, I have some great contributors that will hopefully help us both out!

  2. Onice April 22, 2014 at 11:43 am #

    Hi Stacie,

    Just like Jami, i have a hard time with charts as well. According to it i’m at a healthy weight being 5’2” and 128lbs. I recently lost about 35 pounds and i feel great but once i got to 128 lbs i stopped losing weight. My habits have been exactly the same but it’s like my body said “enough”.

    I’ve been having a really hard time losing the last 10 pounds to get to my goal weight. I don’t know if i should just listen to my body and stop trying to do all kids of stuff to get to my “goal”.

    it’s just as you say, it’s so hard when you set your mind on one specific number and you just don’t get there, after all the hard work and after getting so far. Do yo uknow what i mean?

    I just felt like i needed to share that with someone.
    Onice S.

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