Finding a Balance

I had a friend make a comment to me the other day that made me think, “they must think I work out for four hours a day.”  At one point in college, I was up to that but these days it’s pretty rare that I run or work out for more than one.
   As most of our posts have been pretty informational I thought I would switch things up and throw in a personal one. Today I am 16 weeks along and feeling pretty good. My round ligament is starting to pull when I’m running but other than that I still enjoy it.  My weekly workouts are as follows:

Monday: 3 miles @ 9-10 minute pace
Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9-10 minute pace
Wednesday: Kids were sick, didn’t work out today
Thursday: 3 miles @ 9-10 minute pace
Friday: Work project, missed today
Saturday: 5 miles @ 8:40 pace

Not quite what you expected?  Well, thats life! The only race I have coming up is a 5k so there is no reason for me to put in a ton of miles.  At this point, I’m not so concerned about qualifying for Boston again as I am in living a healthy lifestyle. I have had a very active summer and it’s always good to give my legs and body a little break.

   Not to mention, being pregnant has made me much more tired so getting everything in is harder.   If I find myself snapping at my kids, It’s usually because I’ve over done it so I back off my workouts. If I find myself needing a break from my kids I go for a run! Some people like to craft, some like to go to the movies, I prefer a run to get away.  Whatever it is that helps you find peace in life, make time for it and find a way to balance it!   Always remember what’s most important and keep your life in perspective.
                                                          Two of my favorite priorities!


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2 Responses to Finding a Balance

  1. Kathleen October 15, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    You look cute as heck and healthy too. I rode a bike the whole time I was pregnant. People thought I was nuts. I had super easy labor and deliveries though, so it paid off.

  2. Sarah October 17, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    I love this picture! I wasn’t a runner at the time I had my girls, I love seeing women continue to be healthy & active during their pregnancies! You are gorgeous and inspiring!

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