Farmington Halloween 5k

Is this not the most ridiculous costume ever!? I’m a Toucan in case you couldn’t tell. :)  This Friday night ran the Farmington Halloween 5k. It was such a party. Any race that has donuts, cookies, candy and hot chocolate at the end of it is a great race for me!

This race followed one of  Utah’s most beautiful paths, the Lagoon trail system. The leaves were changing into beautiful pinks, yellows and oranges. The only thing that was not so beautiful, was the giant gorilla that jumped out of the bushes and just about made me hop out of my toucan suit! My average 17 week pace was 8:47 per/mile. I think it was because my costume was creating too much drag. Ha ha ha, nope i’m just getting bigger and slower! Here are a few pics from the festivities!

 Our favorite part of the night was the FREE kids 1k complete with trick or treating! Throw in some candy and any kid will be happy to run 1000 meters. I think the toucan suit looks much better on my daughter. :)

  If you missed your local halloween 5k hop online and find one! Or, come join us next year! I promise next Monday I will have an amazing workout post, I couldn’t help but post about our fun weekend! Happy Halloween!

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