Do U Speak Green?

This week our sponsor is the organic clothing company, Do U Speak Green. This company is from India and brings a modern twist to the everyday American style. They offer 100% organic clothing which decreases allergies, is anti-bacterial, and (my personal favorite) it’s temperature regulating. Meaning it keeps you warm through the winter and cool in the summer. To find out the benefits of organic/bamboo clothing click here.

This green jacket is one of their Winter 2013 designs. I recently took it to Costa Rica where it was very humid. The jacket did not smell from the moisture and was perfect as the temperature was constantly changing from rainy to a smoking 90 degrees.
 Here is Kirsten rocking their latest line of tank tops. Do U Speak Green has awesome floral and modern styles we love. This tank top is great for running, yoga, or simply hanging out in at the pool.

So go ahead expand your style and try out  Do U Speak Green today! Use the code RUNNER01 for a 10% discount!

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