Whenever I see a runner running down the street as if they just got off a horse because they are chafing, I soooo feel for them! It is absolutely horrible. Nothing is worse then chafing during a race. If you are headed for a long run or for your first race, don’t forget to lubricate!!
         Make sure to get some type of lubricant (lotion is not enough!!) and slap it on those ‘unmentionable’ areas, including: the inner thigh, your bra line, between the boobies, in your butt crack (for those pre-race poopies that wipe your bottom raw) :) and on the inside of your upper arms (where your arm swing back and forth against your tank top or bra)).
         I use white deodorant and rub it on all those places. I like Arm and Hammer and I use it generously!! These also work:

  • White Deodorant (My preference)
  •  butt paste
  •  Vaseline
  • Desitin
  •  runners lube
  •  body stick
  •  bag balm
  •  Runners Eez      

 Also, don’t forget the band aids! These are not just for men!!! But if you are a man, don’t forget to put these on your nipples. Other wise, you’ll get a taste of what your wife feels like when she starts nursing a baby! On my second baby my belly button switched permanently from an ‘innie’ to an ‘outie’. I did not put a band aid on it for the St. George marathon and it was pretty bloody after. Nasty, I know, let me spare you the pain so you can run your race without looking like a cowboy. Good Luck!


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