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The Truth of Happiness

I’ve had several people comment on my social media lately. Most of the comments have been, “you are so great, look how many fun places you take your kids.”  When they say this I admittedly feel a little embarrassed and think, ‘yes, that was a great picture, but that was an awful outing with the […]

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What To Eat Before You Workout

When you wake up in the morning your body has already been fasting for about 7-12 hours.  Therefore, its fuel source is empty!  Because of this, eating breakfast before you run or workout is very important, especially for endurance athletes.  Stacie & I attended an awesome Nutrition for Endurance Running workshop by Julie Hansen as […]

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Mommy Marathon-Week 16

Mommy Marathon Week 16 WHY DOES THE MOMMY MARATHON PROGRAM INCLUDE A DANCE PARTY? Dancing around with kids is FUN! But the mommy marathon dance party has a bigger reason than creating a fun memory with the kids. It’s to help you visualize yourself running the marathon by dedicating a few songs that represent the […]

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Ode To Robert

  If you have not met Robb you are missing out on one of the worlds greatest people. Not only is he devilishly handsome but he’s also smart as a whip as well. In college he was on an executive team that competed nationally in human resource knowledge.  His team placed 2nd in the nation […]

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Crow Tastes Awful

Crow tastes awful, and I mean AWFUL!!  If you didn’t see in my facebook postings I got beat by my geriatric brother Robb. Let me rephrase that, I got beat by my talented, handsome, and stronger brother who never stops reminding me of his greatness. Oh how despise getting beat. But yes, he won fair […]

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