Bowtie Spinach Pasta


This recipe is perfect for the athlete and mom on the go.  It has your leafy greens, bowtie pasta for carbohydrates, and sweet peppers for a pop of color! I often eat this salad during training because it does not sit heavy in my stomach but it fills me up! Enjoy!!

Ingredients: Spinach, Bowtie Pasta, Green Onions, Parsley, Salted Sunflower Seeds, Red Peppers, Yellow peppers, Chicken, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Pepper, Sesame Seeds

Mix in large bowl

8 C. Spinach Torn

8 oz. Bag or box of bowtie pasta cooked and cooled. 

1 Bunch of green onions chopped. 

1/4 C. parsley chopped (I use fresh, but dried is okay)

1/4 C. Salted sunflower seeds. 

1/4 C. Red peppers chopped. 

1/4 C. Yellow peppers chopped. 

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