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Easy Injury Prevention

It’s about this time that “aches and pains” start creeping up.  The key is we want to keep them as aches and not pain.  If you can recognize and treat the warning signs you can prevent an injury.  I suggest doing a “body scan”.  A body scan is when you mentally move from head to […]

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Cilantro Cranberry Spread

  Come November I totally get Christmas fever! I absolutely love this season and all the delicious food that goes with it! With cranberries being so popular right now, I had to include my favorite appetizer. This cranberry salsa recipe is so delicious alone or over a spread of cream cheese.  The rich colors of […]

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5 Workouts for the Beginner Runner

    I always hear people say how much they hate running. I never really understood their reasoning until I had a baby and didn’t run for 5 months. Coming back to it with an extra 15 pounds made running a mile seem like a marathon. Running itself hurt, my legs hurt, and I was […]

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Bowtie Spinach Pasta

This recipe is perfect for the athlete and mom on the go.  It has your leafy greens, bowtie pasta for carbohydrates, and sweet peppers for a pop of color! I often eat this salad during training because it does not sit heavy in my stomach but it fills me up! Enjoy!! Ingredients: Spinach, Bowtie Pasta, […]

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30 Minute Gut Busting Workouts

I have a nasty little habit of finding hills, or creating workouts that test my limits.  As a mom on the go I’m also constantly trying to get the most out of my time. It makes for a bad combination: enjoying pain + a time crunch = A gut busting workout. Here is this weeks […]

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The Truth of Happiness

I’ve had several people comment on my social media lately. Most of the comments have been, “you are so great, look how many fun places you take your kids.”  When they say this I admittedly feel a little embarrassed and think, ‘yes, that was a great picture, but that was an awful outing with the […]

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