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After dealing with some robots overwhelming my ‘comment’s’ section I’m VERY happy to report they have all been killed by my awesome webmaster Becky Barney from Barney Designs. However, It has left me with a mailbox full of un-answered ‘comments’. SORRY! But keep them coming, I love getting feedback from my readers! However, the questions have been really good this week so I thought I would answer them on the homepage so everyone can see them.

Q:Saturday’s workout does not have mileage for the tempo run included. What is it? -Justine
A: Good question Justine! We did miss the actual mileage number for the tempo run. after a 1.5 mile warm up do a 1 mile tempo run then a 1 mile cool down. Sorry we missed this in the post and thanks for helping us out!
Q: How many weeks is the marathon training program?
A: This program is a 17 week program. It’s designed to take us up to the Cottonwood Marathon in Utah. This is the last possible qualifying marathon for Boston around here. For more on the entire ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the marathon click out THIS post.
Q:What do we do on Sunday? -Jane
A: Jane, put your feet up and relax!  Believe it or not, a day off is actually good for your body. It helps your muscles recover from the previous week and gears you up for a hard week ahead. Good Luck!
Q:Can the intervals/mileage be done on a treadmill?
A: You bet! Most treadmills will even map out the 200 meters (or whatever it may be,) for you! So yes, you do what works best for your busy Mom schedule. 
Q:I am a wannabe runner. I’m having a baby in October and would love to start after I have the all clear. Now, I’ve never been a runner, so I’m looking at Friday on this schedule and find myself twitching at the thought of running 4 miles – something I’ve never done and it’s in the first week of training! So…my question…do you recommend this for a first-time runner or something else? Or any tips for a first-time runner who happens to be a wimp? -Lindsay
A: Great question! One option is to start out with our 10k training plan then eventually move up to the Mommy Marathon . Or you could even try a run/ walk marathon training program like Hal Higdon’s which has been designed for novice runners! Either way, believe in yourself, you are going to rock it!
Q: Could you please explain the 3/4 eating episodes… in 4 hours. Did they say how many calories at each episode? Or how this helps? Is this specific to a run longer than 1 hour? Thanks!! -Janelle (This question is from our NUTRITION post)
A: You want 3 eating episodes every 4 hours AFTER exercising. The first eating episode would be 30 minutes after exercising then 2 hours later you eat again. Then 2 hours later, you eat again. The amount (calories wise) is dependent on your weight. But If you weigh about 130-150 you need 59-118 grams of carbohydrates, and 10 grams of protein. In a more general answer  the amount of carbohydrate you need are 1-2 grams per kilogram of body weight (2.2 kilograms in 1 pound) plus 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of carbohydrates. and yes, this is for workouts over 1 hour.
Q: If i’m training a 1/2 marathon in June how can I make this marathon program work for me? -Julie
A: This question will be answered in Monday’s post.
Did I miss any more comments/questions? If so, sorry! Leave a comment and I promise I’ll respond!
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