3 Days and Counting!

pregnantIn full disclosure, i’m really starting to hate these pictures. People are so nice to say things like, “you look great”, “you’re so small still” etc! Truth be known I feel like I have an extra 30 pounds yanking on my back and ripping out my round ligament. :) How is that for optimism? Seriously, prayers to my husband in these final days! None the less, for the sake of this silly blog, here I am taking this nasty little selfie that is so darn common on FB. I’ve given into temptation and snapped the picture. Enjoy!

This is going to make for a great weight loss story come August (So stay tuned!). I got together with my friend Kristen G. and started creating ‘My Mommy Marathon Training Program’ as well. When you are feeling large like myself you start to think illogical thoughts such as, ‘I need to run a marathon’ and ‘If i do it, I might as well make it fast enough to qualify for Boston.’  So here I am creating a support group (or rather a group of nutties) who are going to start their training come May with our new program.  The workouts will begin to be posted then with updates about how the training is going here in Utah. We invite all of our readers to join in and share their training as well.

I’ve also teamed up with M5 FITNESS. They are an online fitness company that provides individuals with 100’s of workout videos, and training programs that you can operate online from your home. No gyms, no sitters, just you at your own pace.  It’s $20 bucks a month and SOOO worth it. I get tired of my old workout movies etc. so they are the perfect fit from me.  ANYWAY. They will also be featuring my training program on their site and it will include the whole program. Hopefully it’s on their site by May. Pretty sweet eh?

I also want to send out a quick apology as this week was supposed to be an injury prevention week. Life has got crazy and essentially you get what you get. And this week i’m getting a baby. Don’t worry, i’ll be sure to share the story, right here with you! Wish me luck!


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