7 Simple Tips to Keep you Slim Through the Holidays


During the holidays we all feel a tad more justified in eating extra calories or slacking off on our workout schedules. So today, I did a little research and found 7 ways to keep those extra calories on the table instead of on your hips!

7 Simple Slimming Tips:

1.  Remember to Regimen: With family in town we often lose our daily routine. Sticking to your routine will create a healthier and happier you during the Christmas chaos. This includes not skimping on sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause 2 different hormones to interact and cause you to gain weight.

2. Don’t drink your calories: Family parties are full of soda’s, juice, sports drinks etc. Try not to drink up your calories before dinner even starts! You may not feel full from drinks, however they are an easy way to double up on your allotted daily calories.

3. Make it Count! : In Women’s Health Magazine they cited an Australian study that showed that, “women who cranked out high intensity interval training three days a week for 20 minutes (for 15 weeks) shed more fat than those who exercised for 40 minutes at a lower intensity over the same period.” Even if you don’t have a lot of time, make it count!

 4 Don’t Skip Meals:  People often think that if they skip a meal they will be able to eat twice as many calories at the next meal. Health and Fitness expert Jim Karas said, “research indicates that those who skip breakfast—approximately one-third of the American population—have a 450 percent greater chance of being overweight or obese.”  Be sure to keep your metabolism moving by eating all your meals!

5.  Eat Treats…In Moderation: I roll my eyes every time someone tells me they are not going to eat any sweets over the holidays. It’s not that I don’t believe that they will do it, it’s that when your ‘no sweet weeks’ are over these individuals tend to over gorge themselves on treats. So when you’re sitting in front of a table full of all your favorite goodies, try taking just one. If you must take more than one share the plate with a friend and take only a part of each one. Remember, it’s not a waste to throw away a plate of cookies, it’s a waste to disregard your health for 20 seconds of delight.

6.  Buddy up:  Find a exercise partner who will help you stay motivated through the holidays. Having a friend to push you though a workout, or even to get you out the door gives you one more reason to keep moving

7.  Add Flexibility: Be prepared for something to come up and throw off your schedule. Inevitably, a child will get sick, something will break down, or holiday exhaustion will set in. If this happens to you, don’t be too hard on yourself but remember to get back on your schedule the following day. If your challenge is time, add an alternative calorie burner workout to your day (see # 2). 

Happy Holidays!

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