5 Booty Bustin’ Workouts

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After coming off of a long winter break we all have a little extra junk in our trunk.  So today I found 5 different booty bustin’ workouts to help you give your backside a little facelift!

This workout I found via Pinterest with an empty link ‘butt’ I thought it was pretty self explanatory so I added it in. It seems like at lest half of these are mixed into every exercise class I attend so they obviously have some clout to them!



If you have not been over to my buddy Jared’s website at Tone and Tighten You really need to check him out. He always has some great ideas and this workout is no exception!

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If you own any resistance bands that you used to tease your parents about using, go dig them up. If not buy some HERE on amazon. Admittedly I have a love hate relationship with them. I hate them while I use them but I love them when I’m done. These workouts will not disappoint!booty 6

Like I said it seems like every exercise class is doing some type of variation to the first workout I posted. This one is just a tad different, and by just a tad different, I mean a tad better! Check out Tone it up here!


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I like this one because it incorporates lunges into the mix. I swear no matter how many lunges I do, i’m always sore. While running track in college, we did a full 400 meters worth of lunges. You would have thought I had just ridden a horse across the grand canyon by the way I was walking. It hurt so bad. None the less, I had a lovely booty at that stage of life. Now, I would say it’s a little flat. :)

booty 5


Why is it that whenever you see a butt post or pin it has some seductive woman on it? Do men not like to have a trimmed backside? Why don’t they have a mans bum on that top picture? Maybe it’s because we would throw up in our mouths at the hairy sight. I digress. All I’m saying is that you don’t have to be a Victoria Secret Model to have a fit body. I will say that this post was pretty good, regardless of the seductive woman’s butt.



Okay wait, that was 6. It is what it is right? Just get out and get moving on them!

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