5 Articles to Improve Your Photograpy

Today I thought I would take a step back from the usual running post and share one of my recent loves, photography!  I started this blog in May in hopes of killing some time while being laid up in bed after getting my gallbladder removed. When I started it I had no idea what writing a blog really entailed! There’s social media,  daily posting, finding common ground, and lastly taking good pictures. Admittedly, the picture taking aspect has been one of my biggest learning curves. So what’s a girl to do? Take a photo class! Luckily I knew of just the right one!

(This is one of my favorite pictures taken by one of the professors Tony Murray. He photographs all around the world and is amazing!!)

When I heard that Professional photographers, Tony Murray and April Bladh had created online photography classes for reasonable prices, I had to give it a try.  The classes have been awesome.  They are laid back, provide excellent and timely feedback, and are easy to follow.

 Once I was signed up, I was granted access to all of the classes (in my course) AND i’m able to do it on my own time table! Perfect for the life of a mom, runner, and blogger! They also provide an awesome BLOG that constantly gives tips and tricks for the perfect picture! So today I perused the blog and found 5 articles to help improve your photos! Also, if you are interested in taking any photography classes check out their website at shotrockers.com! Happy shooting!

5 Articles to improve your photos:

Take Professional Outdoor Portraits-Part 1
10 tips for Sharper Photos
The Importance of Great Light
Photograph Your Next Family Outing
10 Important Things To Remember While Shooting in Manual Mode

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 Had to share another amazing picture by Tony Murray. I swear he should take photographs for National Geographics.

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