30 Minute Gut Busting Workouts

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I have a nasty little habit of finding hills, or creating workouts that test my limits.  As a mom on the go I’m also constantly trying to get the most out of my time. It makes for a bad combination: enjoying pain + a time crunch = A gut busting workout.
Here is this weeks challenge. This workout is great as it develops your aerobic and anaerobic abilities, adds arm strength, as well as abs. All in 30 nasty minutes.
30 Minute Gut Buster
10 Minute warm up- Nice and easy (If your prone to injury add some more time to this section).
10 Minutes of intervals: Every 1 minute/10 push ups followed by 20 sec sprint, then 30 sec recovery. Repeated for 10 minutes.
     Confused? Here is the break down. For the next ten minutes you will be doing quick 1 minute intervals. Every one minute, stop and do ten push ups. Push ups on your knees are fine. (If you are new to push ups, do three push ups instead of 10). I usually do 30-50 push ups after a run and doing 10 for each set is pretty tough for me. As soon as you finish the push ups, use your arms to push yourself up and take off sprinting for 20 seconds, then jog for your remaining one minute interval  ~30 seconds. As soon as that one minute hits again, you are on the ground doing push ups all over again. The up and down motion will also develop your abs.
10 minute cool-down.
This workout is great for when you’re in a bind. Best of luck and when you do it, post a comment and let me know what you think!

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