10k Training Plan-Week 7

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Hey all you weekend warriors! Keep up the good work! I’m going to need you guys to help me as soon as I have this baby to get me in shape! Great job sticking with it! You are almost half way done with your training program and you are well on your way to 10k personal record happiness! Make sure to stay committed and if needed grab a friend to come join you on your runs! Misery loves company, but who said running was miserable? :)

These workouts will be posted every Saturday and are designed to begin that following monday. If you miss a week, be sure and check under my ‘WORKOUTS’ page to pick up where you left off!

Monday: “Fast 15” (see below)

Tuesday: Walk or Cross Train

Wednesday: “Hill Climb” (see below)  Warm up 5 minutes, cool down 5 minutes

Thursday:  Walk or Cross Train

Friday: Take the day off!

Saturday: Run 3 miles at a pace you could talk at.

Sunday: Take the day off!


Fast 15: Jog 3 minutes then increase speed to a faster pace and hold it for 2 minutes (yes, you will be breathing hard.) Walk 30 seconds. Repeat: Jog 3 Min. / Run 2 Min. / Walk 30 Sec.  Then finish strong by jogging 2 minutes, Run 3 minutes, walk to cool down

Pace Booster: Warm up 6 min by alternating 30 sec jog, with a  30 sec. walk.  After 6 min. warm up, Increase speed to run for 30 sec., walk 30 sec. Continue the 30/30 ratio while Increasing your speed slightly with each run segment. Do as many as you comfortably can.

Hill Climb :Gradually increase your speed until you’re at an easy-run pace. Run for prescribed time. Raise the incline to 2 percent for one minute, then to 4 for one minute. Lower the incline and rest for one minute. Raise to 4 percent and run for two minutes. Alternate running two minutes at an incline/jogging one minute on the flat for as long as you can.

Workouts created by our workout contributer, Kristen Guymon. Kristen is a Master of  Exercise Science from Utah State University. She was a member of the Utah State Cross Country and Track team. She has coached high school track for several years and currently working as a Individual fitness specialist for individuals seeking to lose weight and get in shape. She is a mother of 4 kids.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can you tell more about Tues? How long do you walk? And what is cross training? Thanks

A:  Great question! Cross training is doing any activity besides running. So it may be biking, swimming, an elliptical or even walking (if you’re always running). Cross training gives your muscles a break from the constant pounding of running. As for how long or how far you should go, if you’re following the plan, I would recommend 1 mile. Tuesday and Thursday are considered recovery days so the distance that you go should be 1/2 to a 1/4th less of the distance that you went the previous day. For example, if you run 3 miles on Monday, walk or cross train for half that amount. Each week the workouts will get longer so each distance will slightly increase. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any more questions! -Stacie

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