10k Training Plan- Week 1

week1 10k

Looking to run your first 10k? Now is the time to start! I have called on my fellow team mate and fitness expert Kristen Guymon to personally create a 10k training plan that individuals at all levels could do. The workouts can be completed on a treadmill or on the road. This plan is simple, straight forward and perfect for the mom on the go! It is a 20 week training plan  to help prepare you for your 10k summer race!

These workouts will be posted every Saturday and are designed to begin that following monday. If you miss a week, be sure and check under my ‘WORKOUTS’ page to pick up where you left off!

Monday: “Fast 15” (see below)

Tuesday: Walk or Cross Train

Wednesday: “Hill Climb” (see below) Recover flat 3 minutes

Thursday:  Walk or Cross Train

Friday: Take the day off!

Saturday: Run 2 miles at a pace you could talk at.

Sunday: Take the day off!


Fast 15: Jog 3 minutes then increase speed to a faster pace and hold it for 2 minutes (yes, you will be breathing hard.) Walk 30 seconds. Repeat: Jog 3 Min. / Run 2 Min. / Walk 30 Sec.  Then finish strong by jogging 2 minutes, Run 3 minutes, walk to cool down

Pace Booster: Warm up 6 min by alternating 30 sec jog, with a  30 sec. walk.  After 6 min. warm up, Increase speed to run for 30 sec., walk 30 sec. Continue the 30/30 ratio while Increasing your speed slightly with each run segment. Do as many as you comfortably can.

Hill Climb :Gradually increase your speed until you’re at an easy-run pace. Run for prescribed time. Raise the incline to 2 percent for one minute, then to 4 for one minute. Lower the incline and rest for one minute. Raise to 4 percent and run for two minutes. Alternate running two minutes at an incline/jogging one minute on the flat for as long as you can.

Kristen Guymon is a Master of  Exercise Science from Utah State University. She was a member of the Utah State Cross Country and Track team. She has coached high school track for several years and currently working as a Individual fitness specialist for individuals seeking to lose weight and get in shape. She is a mother of 4 kids.


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  1. Jenny January 27, 2014 at 6:44 pm #

    Can you tell more about Tues? How long do you walk? And what is cross training? Thanks

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