10 Tunes For Your Next Workout

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Seriously, it’s time for a new playlist don’t you think? So i’ve been doing some talking and some searching and here are the top ten for March! If you want to listen to them click on  my PLAYLIST page and get listening!

Happy- Pharrell Williams: Talk about a runners high song. This song is going to blasting through my headphones the second I can get running again! I’m Happy….

Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars: Seriously, Bruno rocked the super bowl right? He was incredible. This song has a really great background cadence to keep you in rhythmn on your run. Not to mention, it’s adorable. My husband sings it to me every night. Okay, not really. But he probably thinks about doing it in his subconsciuos mind.Pump It Up – Elvis Costello: This is an older song that swings outside the typical genre. I love it. It’s a good change of pace song, check it out!

Best Day of My Life-American Authors: Hopefully you can keep your self running while listening to this. It makes me want to stop and do a dance. Love It!!!

Eye of the Tiger- The Beat Street Band (109BPM): Okay, can you go wrong with a ‘Rocky’ song?! No way. This is on every High School track song list. It never gets old!

Young Girls- Bruno Mars: Okay, not every song has to make you go 6 minute pace right. Some are great for a cool down, add this one to your list. Once again I love Bruno. And I know secretly he loves me too. 😉

Marry You-Bruno Mars: I know I need to get off of this kick. But the beat is awesome for a run, so I had to throw it in!

Here it Goes-Jimmy Eats World: This song is great! It’s the perfect motivation song ecspecially for a trail run!

The Man-Aloe Blacco: Every Male needs this on their track, “Girl, you can tell everybody ‘i’m the man, i’m the man'” Everyone loves an EGO boost!

Pompeii-Tribute to Bastille: This song is perfect if you are riding straight up a mountain. It’s contemporary, different, and outside the lines.

Team-Lorde: Get your groove on with Lorde. She brings a different genre that is becoming the new normal.

So get that IPOD rolling and hit the pavement. I know I can’t wait to get out there and jam out with you!




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