10 Mom-in-Mind Inventions


When it comes to motherhood, i’m always looking for easier. If my kid can potty train faster using something new, i’ll try it. If my kids can learn to ride a bike using a new invention, i’ll try it. So today I did a little searching for 10 ‘Mom in Mind’ inventions that are sure to make your life a little easier!

On my list as well as on my radar for this Christmas, is the Elf Tool. How amazing is this?  It’s an ornament that stays on your tree but doubles as a multi tool to open your kids toys! Oh and did I mention that my sister-in-law Leann invented it? Yes, we are a talented family. :)  The Elf tool is currently on Kickstarter and ready to be given as the perfect gift! Just Click HERE

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This invention is similar to the popular Strider bike however the Firstride allows you to adjust the height for your buzzing toddler. My 2 year old has been using the Strider bike and is easily balancing on his bike for 25 meters without pushing off again.  I liked this one particularly for it’s adjustable heights. (Not to mention if you have a child who needs to strengthen a lazy eye etc. riding a bike is a terrific therapy idea (READ HERE) )



The Refresh a Baby water bottle adapter is a smart idea that converts any water bottle into a bottle. This seems to be ideal for all you moms headed out on summer vacations

wbThese Tinkle Targets are genius. I’m currently potty training my little boy and perhaps if I had these I would not have ended up with pee all over my shirt at the Zupas restraunt. Don’t believe me? here is the picture and the caption.IMG_4158 “Potty training problems. I swear it was pointed down. Somehow the crossfire got me. Getting the courage to face the world with my shirt of shame…” Yes, it was awful.  Looks like I need to invest in these babies.



If you’re like me, the TP Saver could have saved you on several occasions. It reminds me of my moms old curlers she would use to put in perms. I don’t know, $2.99 could save us all some grief.

I thought I would add this one because it really spoke to me. Yes, I have been in the bathroom without a carseat to put my kid in, trying to figure out what to do with her. This invention is very practical. I’m not sure that I would actually make the effort to ‘hang my child up’ however, I do love the logic behind it. For some reason I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. :)

The Aqueduck converter is a great way to help your child wash your hands. I think every public bathroom should have these.

I have this pineapple slicer and I love it. It really works and takes about 2 minutes to slice a fresh pineapple. If you are going to get one buy it here.  I got mine for $12 at the store.


If you’ve ever been to Utah you know that there are a million products to keep moms stylish.  The Hold Me Close  infinity scarf/nursing cover is a creative way to keep your cover close and still look great!

Last but not least, the Englacha 2 in 1 Junior Rider is an awesome idea. It slips on the back of your stroller and creates either a scooter for you or an extra spot for your tired toddler. I love this because I could stick it under my stroller then attach it when the older siblings  are ready to ride. Genius!


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  1. Jennie July 23, 2014 at 6:48 am #

    Just wanted to point out that the strider bike is adjustable… If you don’t want to carry the wrench with you all the time you can buy a quick release for like $10. That’s what we did so multiple children could ride it on the same trip to the park. Not sure how low the first ride goes but we bought a strider because it had the lowest possible seat height that barely fit my average height 2yo. My boy fit it at 15 months.

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