10 Desserts Under 100 Calories

100 calorie desserts

 I’ve never been much of a Calorie counter myself but I have to admit when I see something that say’s “100 calories” I am drawn to it. That’s why I put this post together with 10 delicious desserts under 100 calories! What’s not to love about that!?!

These Chocolate Baked Donuts from Prevention RD look unreal. Could anything with the word donut in it be under 100 calories?!
This Angel Food Cake from Manna and Quail  is one of my favorite desserts. I wish strawberry season was year round so I could eat this all the time!


These Skinny Cupcakes from Eating on a Dime are 80 calories each and have a delicious lemon flavor to them. The best part is that there are only two ingredients!

skinny-cupcakes Tickle My Fancy did it right with these oatmeal cookies. These are my dad’s absolute favorite cookies! healthy oatmeal cookiesI thought I would throw in a Gluten Free recipe for all you clean eaters out there. I ate gluten free for a while and I wish now that I could have got my hands on these Chocolate Oatmeal Almond Butter cookies from He and She Eat Clean


I guess I should have suspected that these no bake cookies from Ready, Set, Eat would be under 100 calories.  Although I know that my husband will only use that for an excuse to keep eating more! no bake cookies


When it comes to desserts I’m always a sucker for ones that have fresh fruit on top. For some reason they just seem healthier. Lucky for us,  these Berry Cheesecakes from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook  have fresh fruit and their under 100 calories! How legit is that!?!



For all you chocolate lovers, this is the dessert for you! The Super Sisters created these Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies that are filled with protein and not to mention they look, oh so good.PBbrownies1-1024x1024

This Gluten Free Banana Bread from Yammies Gluten Freedom looks divine. I have found that gluten free baked food tastes their absolute best when they are ‘pipen’ hot from the oven.gluten free banana bread

Because I’m a sucker for ice-cream, I couldn’t forget this Reese’s Milk Shake from  Treats With a Twist. This recipe is quick and easy and sure to please the all.

peanut butter shake

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  1. Yesenia August 3, 2015 at 10:03 pm #

    Stacie gurrl! You just know how to make a woman cry! I can not believe what I am seeing. I’m literally going to make everything. THANK YOU!

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